Meet Clear Content’s

Ralph Mathekga

CLEARCONTENT is a Research and Consulting Agency that provides services on political advisory, strategy, analysis and research including a comprehensive risk analysis for investors and those interested in public policy.

We also work on local government analysis, particularly on public participation as well as offer services in public finance in the form of budgeting advisory for municipalities and national departments to ensure effectiveness of budgets and compliance with regulations. We provide dependable research on socio economic issues in South Africa. Our speciality is on democratization, party politics, and also political economy. We have extensive background in working with the private sector; corporate affairs.

The Company also provides current affairs analysis and discerns issues for South Africans using different media outlets. We regularly contribute analyses on ENCA channel Africa (eNCA), BBC World, BBC Online, New York Time, Washington Post, Times of London, and SABC.

We take current affairs seriously; hence we carefully provide a perspective on developments.

Books By Ralph

When Zuma Goes by Ralph Mathekga

When Zuma Goes

When Jacob Zuma retires to Nkandla, what will be left behind?

South Africa has been in the grip of the “Zunami” since May 2009: Scandal, corruption and allegations of state capture have become synonymous with the Zuma era, leaving the country and its people disheartened.

But Jacob Zuma’s time is running out. Whether he leaves the presidency after the ANC’s national conference in 2017, stays on until 2019, or is forced to retire much sooner, the question is: what impact will his departure have on South Africa, its people and on the ruling party? Can we fix the damage, and how?.

Ralph Mathekga answers these questions and more as he puts Zumaʼs leadership, and what will come after, in the spotlight.